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tv   FOX Report  FOX News  January 21, 2013 1:00am-2:00am EST

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americans, human beings with our case, this country with be greater. >> i want to apologize we didn't get to hear from everybody tonight. i promise we will bring you back. it's sad a lot of media outlets won't give both joining. good night. >> barbara walters in a hospital tonight. thanks. we are now officially in term 2 of president obama. >> it's the true test of any democracy. transition of power without a hitch. >> today the president officially beginning his second term as we count down to the
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main public event tomorrow the inaugural address. ♪ >> so what will president obama tell americans he will do about the deadlock that is gripping dc? what can we expect to see ore the next four years? we have live fox team coverage. also the bloody hostage crisis at the oil plant in the african desert. now worse than any one first thought. what they are finding as forces finally secure the scene. plus the fate of the american hostages and the hunt for the so-called one eyed terrorist who has taken credit for the deadly siege. >> i am harris falkner. we begin with the oath. >> preserve, protect and defend. >> the constitution of the united states. >> the constitution of the united states. >> so help you god. >> so help me god. >> congratulations mr. president. >> thank you chief justice. >> first lady, his two daughters at his side today president
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obama was sworn in by supreme court justice john roberts just before noon. tomorrow he will do it all over again for the public. the constitution mandates the president be sworn in by january 20th which of course is today. because of a 19th century tradition banning public inaugurations on sundays the swearing in and pageant try that comes with it will be held tomorrow. we just showed you in the past hour on fox news the first family on stage for a candlelight celebration of the inauguration. president obama speaking to an excited crowd giving a possible preview of his big inaugural address tomorrow. we begin fox team coverage with chief white house correspondent ed henry. >> you are right. at that event national historic building here in washington the president heard some songs from stevie wonder. he was feeling pretty good. good move certainly. at one point said he wanted to weigh in on the most important issue confronting this weekend. he joked it was the new bangs
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that first lady michelle obama is sporting. he said it looked quite good. he went on to get into substance. he talked about the fact that he wanted to tackle big issues in the days ahead and the president had this message for his supporters tonight. >> what we are celebrating is not the election or swearing in of a president. what we are doing is celebrating each other. and celebrating this incredible nation that we call home. after we celebrate let's make sure to work as hard as we can to pass on an america that is worthy not only of our past but also of our future. >> he was speaking to donors that had to have given at least up to 75,000 dollars at the inaugural committee to pay for all of these parties and festivities. corporations paying up to 250,000 dollars.
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a big difference from four years ago where they did not allow corporations to pay for any of the festivities. joe biden warmed up the crowd. he wanted to not only thank the big money donors for 2012 but he has an eye on 2016 and might be reaching out for them for campaign contributions. >> yeah, i heard a little something about that. look, i remember i am sure the rest of the nation does, too. the president and chief justice john roberts had an interesting day the first time they tried to do the oath thing. >> didn't go so well. chief justice roberts four years ago tried to memorize the oath, slipped up a little bit. he had to come back over to the white house from the hill within a day or so and redo it behind closed doors just to make sure legally the president had been sworn into office. no hiccups today. he brought note cards. what was striking about it was how simple the ceremony was how brief it was. it was in the blue room at the white house. a small room. it was really just -- since it was so small just family close friends and beyond the historic
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moment the president had a moment as a dad to celebrate this with his daughters. take a look. >> >> thank you everybody. >> i did it the president said his young daughter said you didn't mess up, dad. >> kids always keep us honest. >> appreciate it. big day for vice president joe biden. you heard ed talking about him. swearing in this morning in a private ceremony on the naval observe tory grounds. he had to get it bright and early. getting into place all dressed up by 8:00 this morning. that's because supreme court justice sonia sotomayor had to get to a book signing in new york. this was already on her schedule long before she received the vice president's personal invitation to do her swearing in. she managed to make both stops without a problem.
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>> we are about to see a tradition that goes all of the way back to george washington. only this time the president is not speaking just to americans gathered at the capital, he will be setting the tone for a second term in front of untold millions watching from around the world. james rosen is live tonight in washington. what can we expect to haerp and maybe more interestingly what might the president skip? >> harris, good evening to you. latter point first democrats involved in planning the inaugural everyone from the president on down is on guard to avoid sounding like they are spiking a football. the white house is weary of folks at home saying mr. obama is throwing himself a big party while they are still struggling financially. they will address the intractable gridlock in this town. >> he will make that point very strongly that people here in washington need to see common ground. he will talk about the american people they are not engaging these debates in washington
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progress and change won't happen. >> aids say while we can expect more broadly on battles to come such as gun control and immigration reform this won't be the detailed policy speech we will get with the state of the union next month. >> james, i wonder if the president runs the risk of sounding too much like he has. he has given a lot of speeches. >> that is definitely a risk. some republican speech writers of white houses past have made that exact point harris saying current conditions could lead the president to repeat himself in 2009. economy remains sluggish healthcare remains too costly, et cetera. one historian interviewed the president from rolling stones magazines says mr. obama needs to revise faith in the american dream. >> i would image if i were writing a speech for him i would inject a dose of ronald reagan optimism don't despair in america. >> follow me at twitter at james
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rosen and i will tell you which president was the first to have his inaugural address live nationwide. >> i always follow your twitter but i will especially tonight. >> you are always so good to me. >> the political landscape at the part of the term was different than it was when he came to the white house four years ago. republicans control the house. you need look no further than the recent game of political chicken over the fiscal cliff to know just how divided washington is. and more instance show downs are looming. one example the debt creel and controlli -- debt ceiling and what americans describe as out of control spending. what do key republicans take with the attitude toward congress at this point? >> to get real solutions president obama needs to understand what will pass in the republican led house. it will also be acceptable to him. lawmakers tend to be unhappy
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when the president goes around them. they called on mr. obama to do better. >> he speaks in general terms likes the executive order approach a whole lot better than the legislative approach. you can't get all that foreign with executive order. you have to legislate and you have to legislate realistically. you have to realize you don't control the entire congress. >> republicans don't like that the president is converting his campaign apparatus into a purpose that helped him in his second term. they are thinking that is probably not a good sign in working in a bipartisan fashion. >> one area where they do not agree at all is over the budget. it>> it has been a source of problems when they work on critical issues and budget is a key component. the senate will do it's job one says. >> we have always intended to do a budget this year for two reasons.
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it is not true that we haven't had budget control and effect over the last several years. budget control lasted 2011 with ridged spending cuts that were in effect last year. we cut a million we didn't like it. we need a budget. >> we will cover it when it happens mike em anuel thank you very much. >> new details in the newsroom about one of the victims killed by a suspected new mexico chaplain known for his work with firefighters in albuquerque. it happened in a moem in a quiet area. a 15-year-old boy is their suspect. they say he shot five people including the chaplain and three young children inside that home. their ages 3 to 10. we do know police removed several weapons from that home. they are trying to piece together what led to the
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murders. >> this just in we have our match up for super bowl 47 earlier, this game on fox the san francisco 49ers beat the atlantic falcons 28-24. now they will face the afc champions baltimore ravens who beat the new england patriots 28-13. 28 seems to be the number tonight. that wrapping up a match up pitting brother against brother in the super bowl as coaches john harbaugh and jim harbaugh face off in the big game. you thought you would see quarterback pictures in the boxes. no it's the coaches. >> fox's top story. the first day of four more years. up next i will sit down with an expert who has a good idea of what the second term of the president may hold. he knows a lot about inaugurations as well. he over saw the media for the 2005 inauguration. taking a look live at the u.s.
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capit capitol where tomorrow we are told 500 to 700,000 people are expected to see the president be sworn in publicly. that went down from four years ago which broke a record at 1.8 million. in the 30s it will be chilly. throw on a jacket at least the sun will be shining. it is january after all. chilly temperatures they will brave it. brave it. stay so you say men are superior drivers? yeah. then how'd i get this... [ voice of dennis ] driving bonus check? every six months without an accident, allstate sends a check. ok. [ voice of dennis ] silence. are you in good hands?
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>> with president obama's second term officially underway as of today, the white house says it's ready to tackle reform, gun control and the nation's debt. in the first term the president and congress didn't seem to agree on much of anything and this very issue seemed to dig them deeper into conflict. four more years of president obama, what could that look like? and thomas, a contributor for forbes magazine and when it comes to politics, an interesting background. thomas the press secretary
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coordinating congress and the oval office and you've had experience on weekends like this. what indications are you seeing about what the next four years will look like? >> well, it's really happening, it's actually not happening on capitol hill. it's happening with obama for america. today, obama for america, the president's very effective political infrastructure, became organizing for action, a 501 c-4 education organization, ostensibly, and they're going to be helping drive the obama agenda out there on a very grass roots level much like they did with the campaign. >> harris: and why does that matter? >> it matters because i think you know, listen, four years ago, president stood on the west end of the capitol and said he would set out remaking america, as if america needed remaking and started pushing, a political agenda.
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and inencumbered i think he's going to be aggressive. >> harris: we've heard about the agenda the next four years, hearing things like reduction in our debt, so on, so forth. a couple of things we haven't heard, creation of jockbs and what's happening in north africa and foreign policy, at least not yet. where should they make a move? >> if the president is true to his word, he needs to do something about the economy, about job creation. there are more unemployed or underemployed people in this country today than there were when the president first took office. we've seen a 33% increase in spending on welfare programs. the african-american unemployment rate in this country is double the national average. and nothing that the president is talking about right now seems to be geared toward putting those people back to work. >> i want to put some numbers on the screen right now, it's
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fox news polling that's new and how the people feel about the president now compared with four years ago. 47% disapprove, compared with 16% four years ago and look at the flip-flop in terms of those who approve there on the screen, and 47-65%, the jobs that you're talking about, maybe point a little to that, but there are other things that you've written about in a column. >> absolutely. look, you have a middle class whose incomes have gone down, you have a lot of folks who were really surprised by the fact that their paycheck had less money in it a couple of weeks ago. we started january, 2013, with the biggest tax increase in 20 years, and we have obamacare taxes, 20-some odd of them being phased in, another 500 billion dollars and the president stood up at press conference last week and said, i'm coming for more money and congressional democrats are going to try and help him. >> harris: all right. tom, the president has a speech planned in prime time tonight, that's kind of the pre-address to the big address tomorrow at the inauguration for the public to see and i read in your forbes column today that you said that
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there's a reason not to watch the president's speech. he's the president. why wouldn't we watch? >> well, i think beyond so help me god, tomorrow's speech isn't going be to be able to telegraph to those 23 million americans who are still out of work that this -- that this administration really cares about pro growth policy. if your a going to double down on spending and you're going to double down on increasing taxation and ultimately expand the box of the people who are going to be paying for this government, you're not going to be helping put those people back to work and my point of my column is very simple, if an inauguration, inaugural speech, inaugural address is written for any group of people, it's the folks who are struggling in this country and i don't think the president is speaking to them right now. >> harris: in fairness, you also point out you don't think that republicans have talked enough about job creation. >> not enough. they have to get on the ball and start talking to people who are making under $75,000 a year. >> harris: before i let you go. the gun control debate in this country, we saw the president
1:20 am
put forth no less than 23 executive orders, how does that shape it going forward? >> i think it demonstrates how aggressive he's going to be, if trying, if he can circumvent congress, buts' also telling us he's going to take this to the american people and that's why what's going on with organizing for action is going to be important. i think one of their first jobs is going to be tackling the second amendment. >> harris: it's interesting. we have seen four years of discord and divisiveness and fighting. the issues may change. it sounds like the-- it could be bumpy though. and thank you for your experience. and millions of you are in the part of the country with bone chilling temperatures. look at this video, looks punishing. the coldest some of us have been in four years, we'll tell you where. plus, the bad weather to blame for stranding thousands of flyers here and leaving families stuck sleeping on the
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floors of airports. stay with us.
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>> the debate over gun control is refusing to take a back seat to the president's inaugural festivities. and lawmakers crafting both pro and anti-gun legislation this week and this has the white house admits they do not expect all of the president's gun proposals to make it through congress after a huge show of support for the second amendment and gun rallies peacefully in cities nationwide yesterday against the president's sweeping federal gun control measures. gun owners filling gun show stores and ranges for gun appreciation day. and doug mcelway with more from washington. >> harris, a change in gun
1:25 am
laws after the sandy hook massacre is beginning to meet realities. and rand paul is proposing to introduce to nullify. and dianne feinstein-- >> leader reid intends to make guns one of the earliest things we consider on the floor and chairman leahy talk about hearings right away i think you're going to see action quickly. >> some doubt that. there are 20 democratic seats up for grabs in the year 2014 including in the gun friendly states of arkansas, alaska, iowa, louisiana, colorado, new hampshire and south dakota. after the assaults weapons ban in 1994 democrats lost control of the house, all of which suggests compromise may be in the works. >> we don't expect it all to pass or in its current forms. we think that there are elements of it-- >> anding this a moment we can do something about mental
1:26 am
health, information sharing, maybe background checks and or things as well, but it has to be a plan that could possibly work or president won't get it done. >> other republicans suggest that a new assault weapons ban would be no more effective than the old one. >> when the ban expired there were nearly 700 murders using all rifles, today there are roughly 300, less than half. >> so the president vowed he will do everything he can to redu reduce gun-related carnage and to that end he's putting out grass roots support for new restrictions on guns, harris. >> harris: doug, thank you. u.s. made missiles are almost in place in turkey as a civil war rages on across the border in syria. even still, many people in turkey are not happy to see western troops on their turf. more on that coming up. plus, a television news icon rushed to the hospital. we will have the latest on barbara walters coming up.
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>> i am harris falkner. time now for the top of the news. a deadly shooting in new mexico. the accused gunman just 15 years old. police saying he opened fire inside a home in albuquerque key killing 2 adults and three children. the children between the ages of 3 and 10. a number of weapons were found at the scene of the crime. no word yet on why the 15-year-old shot them.
1:31 am
>> arctic air creating dangerous conditions for americans. the coldest air in four years hitting the nation's midsection tonight. maria molina is live for us in the weather center. >> we are talking about cold temperatures across portions of the upper midwest with high temperatures that aren't going to make it above 0 degrees in the next couple days. 6 degrees in minneapolis and below that across areas of northern minnesota and north dakota. we made it above zero today. tomorrow martin luther king day 5 degrees above is 0 that's as warm as you get in minneapolis. factor in the winds to that it will feel colder. 9 degree below in far go. by tuesday they will moderate across portions of the midwest. the colder air will move eastbound affecting us across portions of the corridor. 27 will be the high in boston.
1:32 am
24 in new york city and in dc only 20 degrees for a high by then as we kickoff the workweek. colder air in areas over the great lakes producing lake mekt snow. across places in lake erie. tomorrow harrison it's a big day in dc and temperatures will be quite chilly we could make it to 42 degrees in the afternoon. again that cold air will be moving in. by the evening talking low 30s even a chance for a couple of flurries. >> actually balmy compared to how it has been in years past. >> some of the historical dates that's right. >> still chilly for standing out there. maria molina thank you very much. obama sworn in for his second term today. john roberts conducting the ceremony in the blue room at the white house. to meet the legal requirements that a president officially takes office january 20th. vice president biden sworn in. justice sonia sotomayor did the honors.
1:33 am
both the president and the vice president laid a wreath at arlington national cemetery. the speech, the parade the parties are all taking place tomorrow. we know what the forecast is going to be. now carl cameron is in washington live for us tonight. they lowered the crowd estimates for tomorrow. >> they sort of exploited by saying second inaugurals never have the degree of enthusiasm than first inaugurals do. president obama drew nearly 2 million people here there were ore head shots filled with obama revelers. 1.8 million the actual number. they started out saying between 600 and 800,000 people showing up on the national mall. this afternoon they lowered their estimate from 5 to 700. it is not just the waiting enthuse yam of the second inaugural the obama administration recognizes the economy is tough and there's an awful lot of challenges facing the nation.
1:34 am
this is a much more business oriented getting the job done type of inaugural if he is tivity. >> you are pointing to the issue of money there. they cut back on expenses. >> last year they raised 53 million. they allowed corporate contributions and lifted a cap between 2009 to 50,000 now it is unlimited. there were 10 balls in 2009. they went to a number of them. this time they cut it down to just two. while the venues are bigger now it is 20,000 some strong. it is all part of trying to recognize the country has big challenges ahead. the work begins the day after tomorrow. >> carl cameron keeping an eye on it for us live. thank you very much karl. >> barbara walters is recovering from a bump on the head tonight. veteran news woman tripped and fell at the washington home of
1:35 am
britain's ambassador to the u.s. during an inaugural party. the fall left her with a cut on her forehead. while she remained alert her friends thought it was a good idea to take her to the hospital for a full examination. it is unclear when she will be released from the hospital. walters who is 83 had heart surgery a couple years ago. new information from algeria. following the hostage crisis at one of the country's gas plants the military raided a plant at the end of the seeing yesterdie. they found 25 more bodies there. those bodies in such bad condition it is not clear at first if they were hostages or a terrorists. the bodies are all of hostages. if that is indeed the case that doubles the number of victims killed in if the siege and brings the overall number of lives lost to at least 80. connor powell is in the bureau with more details on all of this. connor? >> algerian officials are
1:36 am
warning the death tole is likely going to increase as more information emerges but at least one american is dead. authorities spent the day shift throughing debris at the remote bp gas facility. they are reporting dozens of bodies sfround. making matters worse security officials believe there are mines and booby traps all over the bp gas plant. identifying the bodies is slow going. they initially said 32 islamic militants launched the attack were killed in the final raid by algerian special forces. later today announced five have been captured. this is the type of confusing anden co inconsistent informati have seen since the start of the attack. they are very reluctant much to the unmeapness of families desperate for information. algeria announcing it will not allow foreigners to secure the oil and gas fields.
1:37 am
not an encouraging signs for the many other foreigners working there. >> let's talk more about this. they said al qaeda and links to the network remain a threat to other parts of the world saying the latest tragedy in algeria will advance their agenda. former state department official christian white ten is a former special advisor to the former secretary of state of global affairs and special envoy. thanks for joining us tonight. one of the greatest criticisms in this attack on algeria is the u.s. was not allowed to go in and get our own people out of there. that seems to be the agreement that is playing out. we saw this in benghazi libya to some degree. what does that inform of us in terms of our going forward now. >> i think there's a view that a number of governments especially across tu across terrorist organizations and political organizations that the united states really isn't
1:38 am
that serious. the group that pulled this off may have learned more from the benghazi attacks than a lot of people in washington did. after that attack the president talked tough the secretary of state talked tough so did the secretary of defense. nothing much happened. journalists beat the fbi to the diplomatic compound by several weeks. terrorists are seeing a lot of green lights across the region. >> what do we need to do differently? >> i think we should be serious about not only attacking terrorist groups for getting the incorrect line al qaeda is on the heels. i forget the line the president used through out the campaign that the tied of war is receding. we get a vote on whether or not that is true and they have voted that is not true. most importantly what motivated the terrorists. it hasn't been addressed by the obama administration. it didn't serve well in what i served. look at egypt and tunisia are doing at the ballot box along
1:39 am
side what terrorists are doing on the battlefield and figuring out how to push against that. >> i hear you talking in wider terms about the arab spring. this has been a bit of a building now. talk with me more about that. >> well, you know early days in arab spring, in cairo, in tunisia they weren't long bearded militants like tehran in 1979. they were young modernists often secular still proud muslims. they didn't want to replay a civil law with shirea law. he has been co opted but part of that was because the foreign policy was complicity. they welcomed the muslim brotherhood and the white house doing that. we haven't been serious about getting behind executive forces. we were serious about getting behind anti communist parties in the cold war in europe. recreating that would be a much
1:40 am
better way to go in my opinion. >> as you look at that part of the world it is volatile. we know terrorists are there. we know right next door the french are fighting in mali to drive out terrorists there. they have already asked for our help. we have a situation in turkey where we put patriot missiles on the ground to help them out they have a civil war next door playing out inside syria. going forward, i mean it sounds like this needs to be a part of the world where we engage but how do we engage without putting our people in harm's way? >> we should be smart about doing it. we have a relatively new u.s. africa command. that's the over riding story of the past couple of months. the nexus of the islamists insurgency in many ways was central asia in the last decade. this deck krad it is lo-- decad is looking like north africa and western africa. it is not terribly far from north america. we can do things. in syria we don't need a no-fly
1:41 am
zone or putting u.s. boots on the ground. we should put secular forces in the war. we should do that politically saying enemies are our friends. we need to support people who aren't boy scouts. it isn't a nice thing to do it is essential for our interests and for the safety and security of americans abroad but also american citizens right ear in north america. >> i don't want a post-it note what you are saying tonight but to bring it one thing i got out of what you said is we haven't done enough at this point and we have to. christian whiten joining us tonight. thank you very much. >> rescuers now going into a mine looking for workers trapped after an accident on the job. it is our top story as we go around the world now in 80 seconds. china, that search coming days after a cold outburst at a
1:42 am
state run coal mine. 18 miners killed 3 injured 11 still trapped. gas low enough now for rescuers to go in. no word on what caused the accident. greece, a bomb planted in a trash bin explodes in a shopping mall near athens. two security guards wounded. the stores were closed but the movie theater was open. authorities saying they evacuated the area just before the explosion. warning calls were made to the local media before the bomb went off. >> france, snow grounding nearly half of the flights in paris. hundreds of passengers stranded at airports. tough weather causing problems across europe. they were forced to cancel hundreds of flights as well. >> turkey, camels battling it out in an arena over a girl. two males decked out in bead
1:43 am
embroidered saddles fighting for the faiks of a female camel in heat. she stand by watching we are told. in the end the camel owners get a turkish the boy camel is happy, too. >> investigators are doing an about face in a big mess surrounding boeing 787 dreamliner. they have had a bumpy couple of weeks. they now say an electrical surge was not to blame for leaving these batteries melted at birth. i will show you in a second. >> are they any closer to figuring out these recent scares in the air? we will show you the batteries after the commercial. i promise. also it looks like hurricane trashed this house. no police say a car went through there. we will tell you more. excuse me, sir i'm gonna have to ask you to power down your little word game. i think your friends will understand.
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>> boeing's troubled new passenger yet jet. the 787 dreamliner o >> federal investigators ruled out excess volt taage is the ca of battery fire. they were hoping to blame a default in the battery. the national transportation safety board will widen it's investigation including the battery's charger. ave been two fires on board two 787 jetliners, both operated by japan airlines. one plane was forced to make an emergency landing causing governments around the world to ground the dreamliner and boeing won't resume deliveries until the problems can be solved. a home now looks like a war zone after a man in a car decid decided to take a detour across the living room. it's our fox trip across america. oregon, police say the driver was drinking and travelling 100 miles per hour when he hit
1:48 am
the house. >> i said what in the world did he just do. he said obviously, i just drove my car through the husband. >> the damage so severe, the home owner had to fish pieces of debris from a koi pond in the back yard. the home owner or the driver were not hurt and he tried to get away, police arrested him a short time later. texas, a happy reunion between mother and son. years ago the mom moved to the u.s. from cameroon and had to leave the baby boy behind to be raised by his sister. and now she's a u.s. citizen, a degree and a visa. and her son, she wasn't sure what to expect until they met face-to-face. >> and how biggest. >> and i'm so excited. california, a puppy born without eyes, will get to see
1:49 am
a long happy life. a volunteer saving nine month old from an animal shelter and setting up a facebook page to try to find him a home. >> he has a passion for lives, he's happy otherwise, and it's like, why in the world, now, do you not see how freshes he is. >> a canadian couple deciding to take him in, and that's a fox watch across america. police call it the next step in fighting crime. but are they going too far? tonight, concerns over whether these little devices could violate privacy in a big way. plus, a waiter witnesses a diner mistreating a five-year-old boy with special needs so he did something about it and now he's being called a hero. [ roasting firewood ]
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>> controversy brewing tonight over our protection, our privacy, and our fingerprints. police say new fringer print scanner technology is helping them capture criminals. critics argue it could go too far. and dominic di-natale is with us. >> hi there, harris, this technology recently helped the mesa police department pin down a homicide suspect in a matter of minutes, but yes, it's raising serious questions about increasing police access to victim's personal information on the fly. >> it's wonderful 'cause where we used to be chasing a rabbit around the bush, trying to identify them. >> mesa patrol officer todd reed is working his beat armed with a new tool identifying suspects, a fingerprint scanner. with the man's concept he
1:54 am
scans the left and right index fingers and against the name the man gave. within seconds, it's a match, a clear message to those who might give a false i.d. >> and the truth would help, especially if you gave the information information and pull it up anyway and catch another charge if you're in any way dishonest with the information. >> mesa police department has been trying out a handful of the scanners and soon have a lot more against the data base. since the system isn't tied into the fbi, it'd be handy if it was tied in the national system. >> that raises questions about privacy and rights even though the scan information isn't detained, but there's accusations of a creepy police state. >> there should be rules, they shouldn't ask people to quote, unquote, voluntarily turn over the fingerprints. when a police officer asks you
1:55 am
to voluntary do something, it's never voluntary. >> reporter: and mesa police officials would like to see their very own noncriminal data base of citizens here, but aware of the senstivities of civil liberties and say that america isn't ready culturally for that. and they added one key word to the sentence, yet. harris? >> all right. dom di-natale live from arizona. thank you. a houston texas waiter takes a stand against poor table manners and restaurant patrons get a taste of kindness after pretty mean remarks were said about a kid inside the restaurant and take a look, it's our nation's capitol the site of tom's presidential inauguration after today's private ceremony. fox's cov [ thunder crashes ] [ female announcer ] some people like to pretend a flood could never happen to them.
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>> live tweeted about the he
1:59 am
show during the story and in houston, garcia, jobs are hard to find, but garcia overheard a disparaging remark about the five-year-old boy seated near them. he sprung into action and told the diners he wouldn't serve them. >> so we were sitting there, all of a sudden i noticed that the family across from us got up and moved and moved to the back of the restaurant and i thought i wonder if they're moving because of us. >> i didn't think much of it until i heard him say special needs children need to be special somewhere else. >> he's a five-year-old boy, precious. >> what went through my mind, i was just so impressed and felt so good, that somebody would stand up for another human being. >> well, as for garcia's bosses they say they support his actions. garcia, by the way, is also


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